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Free Delivery

BeeWell Pharmacy offers free delivery to our patients in Sierra Vista. It is important to note that we take pride in our delivery team. We employ only local, private drivers, ensuring that your medication will be delivered safely and accurately. Call today about our same day delivery!


Private Consultation

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of every individual. As such, we provide private consultation for those who wish to discuss their personal health and overall wellness in a confidential setting.


Medication Sync

Please call and make an appointment with our pharmacy team so that we can assist with a full reconciliation of your medications. We will consult with your physician to ensure that you are on the appropriate therapy.



Stay up-to-date with your flu, tetanus, pneumonia, and shingles vaccines to prevent any unnecessary illness. Call ahead to ensure we have everything set for you once you arrive. 
Business owner? We can help your employees get their flu shots by coming directly to you or setting up an appointment for your employees to come to us. Call us today to learn more at (520) 895-3233

Best Plans

Medication Part D Review

Let our knowledgeable staff review your Medication Part D plan to see if we can find better alternatives and save you money on your prescriptions!


Easy Switch

We make it easy to switch to BeeWell Pharmacy. We will handle your medications transfer for you. Ask us today about transferring your prescriptions to our pharmacy.

Frustration Free

Medication Packaging

Through our customized packaging service, you can easily manage and sort your medicine regimen. This means more than just enjoying convenience because you can be guided in taking the right medicine at the right time. Our packaging provides a great visual to see which medication has been taken and we work directly with your doctor for refills. Our packaging options all offer easy and frustration-free packaging for ease of use.

Less is More

Medication Reduction Program

BeeWell Pharmacy’s medication reduction program is designed to help our patients understand their medication and reduce the amount of medication they are currently taking. Ask a team member to consult you on your medication.


BeeWell Pharmacy Loyalty Plan

For those patients with no insurance or medications simply not covered by insurance, BeeWell Pharmacy has their own in house discount plan. The BeeWell Pharmacy Loyalty Plan encompasses numerous medications and is highly competitive with other big name retail pharmacies. Ask a pharmacy team member for more information.


Curbside Pickup

Safety and convenience. New prescriptions and refills can be dropped off curbside, and delivered to your car! When you arrive at BeeWell Pharmacy, give us a call. One of our pharmacy associates will assist you in the safety and convenience of your vehicle.


Request refills, look up prescriptions, see your medication history, set medication reminders and more.

Download our app by going to your app store on Android or Apple and type in “Rx Local” and find BeeWell Pharmacy in the app or click one of the buttons below to be linked to our app.. We make it easy to stay connected to your health.

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